Forge your own path in the Galaxy!

Commanders serve as pivotal figures in the forging of your interstellar empire, each carrying a set of defining Traits. Commanders are dynamic NFTs, meaning they are growing during your journey as you are forging your interstellar empire!

As Commanders engage in battles and missions, they gain experience (EXP), which can be used to specialize through Skill-Trees, thus further customizing and improving their effectiveness in various aspects of the game.

However, it's important to note that EXP is reset after each season, aligning with the game's seasonal dynamics and ensuring a level playing field.

Commander Traits

Traits are the cornerstone of a Commander's abilities and their impact on gameplay. Each Trait influences your gameplay with their own unique buff.

The first Trait of a Commander is predetermined, while the subsequent two are assigned randomly, giving a player a foundation to build off of, but still requiring them to adapt to the randomly assigned traits.

As you emerge from a season victoriously, your commander will gain another pre-set trait of your choosing!

A short list of some of the available traits in the pool:

  • Are We There Yet?: 15% reduction in ship travel time.

  • Home is Where the Minerals Are: 20% buff to asteroid mining yield.

  • More Ship-Hulls Philosophy: 10% buff to ships' health.

  • Motivational Research Speaker: 20% buff to research cooldown.

  • Bunker Philosophy: 100% buff to base planetary defense.

  • Explorer Mindset: 50% reduction in terraformer crafting time.

  • Admiral's Impenetrable Mustache: 5% improvement in total defense strength for ships and buildings.

  • EM Warfare Mastery: 20% buff to ships' electromagnetic damage.

  • EM Hardening Mastery: 20% buff to ships' electromagnetic defense.

  • Ship Production Micromanagement Guru: 10% reduction in ship crafting time.

  • Kinetic Warfare Mastery: 20% buff to ships' kinetic damage.

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