Advancing your Interstellar Empire with Technology

The universe, with its myriad stars and planets, has always been about discovery. Our smart contracts are now letting you tap into that primal quest for knowledge. With Research, you can unlock secrets that propel your empire into a new age of power and innovation.

What Can You Research?

  1. Mining Technologies: Tap into cutting-edge tools and processes to increase your resource extraction efficiency.

  2. Ship Enhancements: Your fleet can now get those much-awaited buffs. Enhance speed, firepower, or resilience – the cosmos is the limit.

  3. Mining Specializations: Tailor your empire to be a resource powerhouse. Prioritize specific minerals or gas, or both.

  4. Planetary Defenses: A strong empire isn't just about offense. Reinforce your planets against any would-be conquerors.

  5. Production & Crafting

  6. And Much More!: The universe is vast, and so are the possibilities with Research.

The Scarcity Principle

With immense power comes immense responsibility, Commanders. Research is not infinite; it's a pathway that demands you to make choices. Every decision you make will forge the identity of your empire. Will you be a trade giant? Or perhaps an impenetrable fortress of a realm? The choices are yours, but remember, they are limited. Choose wisely!

The Catalysts: Resources, Time, and Planets

While the path of knowledge is tempting, it's not devoid of its demands:

  • Resources: Essential to drive your research, resources will be the cornerstone of your technological pursuits.

  • Time: Progress demands patience. The more advanced the research, the more time it will require.

  • Planets: Think of these as your research hubs. The more planets under your reign, the faster you can decipher the universe's secrets.

And for those eager to jump the queue, we present the Research Lab! A state-of-the-art facility, the lab significantly cuts down the research time, ensuring your empire remains a step ahead in the interstellar game.

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