The Art of Negotiation

Craft Your Peace Deals

Feel like your ongoing war is draining your resources? Or perhaps you’ve realized that your real enemy is someone else? With Diplomacy, players can now negotiate and offer peace deals. These aren’t just simple ceasefires; they’re intricate agreements that can involve the exchange of resources, promises, and even the future of your galaxy. Will you offer a portion of your fuel for a 10-day peace period? Or will you seek reparations for past aggressions?

Unbreakable Bonds

One of the cornerstones of our Diplomacy feature is the trustworthiness of the deals made. Once a diplomatic agreement is reached, it is sealed, ensuring that no party can break the terms until the deal’s specified time duration has concluded. This immutability means players can strategize with confidence, knowing that a pact made is a pact honored.

Forge Non-Aggression Pacts

Trust is a rare commodity in space, but sometimes it’s necessary. Non-aggression pacts are your ticket to ensuring that a neighbouring empire won’t backstab you while you’re focused elsewhere. Set the time frame, lay out the terms, and sleep a little easier with a friendly pact in place.

Demand, Offer, or Extort

While Diplomacy opens doors to peace and cooperation, it also ushers in opportunities for cunning players to use their diplomatic channels for more… self-serving purposes. Demand resources as protection money, offer safe passage for a price, or simply extort weaker empires who’d prefer paying over facing your mighty armada. The choice, as always, is yours.

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