Aspiring Space Commanders start with choosing a Faction , a Commander, their Starter Planet Type and sending an initial register transaction.

You'll receive your first (randomly) assigned Planet, with some resources to help you get into the game.

New Players have PVP Mercy-Protection until they build their first capital-class Ship / send resources / attack other planets / build a Terraformer Ship.

You can build up your Planets with several types and categories of Buildings

You can craft several types and classes of Space Ship NFTs, customize them via Modules to specialize them further & send them out to mine / attack / transport / terraform planets.

You can conquer other Players Planets NFTs, steal their Resources, claim their Buildings & obliterate their Fleets.

You can create Alliances & trade resources, planets & ships with other players.

You can mine several types of Asteroid Belts for very rare resources, which will be highly competed for and might require a ton of firepower to obtain & keep.

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