Modules are Ship-Components that can be fitted to any Ship to boost certain stats or enable new abilities.

There are numerous types of modules available, each offering a unique advantage. For instance, players can install defensive modules such as armor plates or shield generators, which can help the ship withstand enemy fire and prevent damage. Offensive modules, such as laser cannons or missile launchers, can increase the ship's firepower and improve its chances of success in combat.

In addition to defensive and offensive modules, there are also utility modules that provide non-combat benefits. These may include navigation modules that increase the ship's speed or maneuverability, sensor modules that improve the ship's ability to detect and track other vessels, or mining modules that allow the ship to extract resources from asteroids or other celestial bodies.

Players may also find modules that grant new abilities or improve existing ones, such as cloaking devices that render the ship invisible to enemy sensors, or jump drives that allow the ship to travel long distances quickly.

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